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Belly Mujinga 2020

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Hello, My name is ..... and I am a ..... constituent contacting today calling for justice on the behalf of Belly Mujinga and her family. I am calling for accountability to be taken by the British Transport Police, TFL and GTR and for her case to be taken to the Crown Prosecution Service. I am outraged and saddened by this death and, like many others, feel like Belly Mujinga's case has been handled extremely poorly by the BTP. We truly do not feel like all has been done to "establish the full circumstances of what happened on 21 March" and have no confidence that her family will be adequately supported during the time of this pandemic.

Belly Mujinga begged for protection after being assaulted, SPAT AT, by a person claiming to be carrying COVID-19 and was met with a lack of PPE offered to her and her co-workers. TFL employees are the backbone of our society and London life - they have been vastly overlooked and not taken care of during this lockdown. I implore you to remember the condition she was working in: unprotected and high-risk whilst working in one of the most overexposed places during the height of a global pandemic. 42 TFL workers and 10 National Rail employees have DIED working for us as a result of being poorly protected by their employers and their country during this pandemic. How many more have to die before they are treated with respect?

Someone must take accountability for her death. If the perpetrator of her assault cannot be found BTP, TFL AND GTR MUST recognise the responsibility they have over their employees and recognise they cannot shift the blame from themselves. I am asking for MPs to not be silent on this. For the Mayor to not be silent on this. For BTP, TFL and GTR to take accountability. Belly's death was unjust, she did not sacrifice herself and her memory must never die out. No Justice, No Peace. Regards Name, Age/Location